The London Wing Chun Academy

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updated on 28/05/2020

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11:00 – 22:30
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18:00 – 22:30
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18:30 – 22:30
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3 h 46 min


Find over 2000+ UK Martial Arts classes and Clubs UK wide. Classes for beginners, intermediate advanced all styles European, Asian and Amnercican.

Company description
The UK Wing Chun Association is famed for its 'Forms to Fighting' approach to teaching and practicing the art of the Wing Chun. This is a result of our success in achieving a perfect balance between the art form and fighting application of Wing Chun. Our emphasis centres on practicing the correct structure and application of techniques of Wing Chun which can be adapted into any combative situation, if focus is placed on the correct energy and balance. Our training methods are not restricted to its application within the art.
Hence our approach to training allows students the ability to explore the many methods of applying Wing Chun against contemporary fighting styles such as western boxing. Students are taught how to apply traditional Wing Chun skills such as Chi Sau to an unskilled attacker in the street. This involves teaching students how to safely close the distance in order to apply their cherished Chi Sau skills at close range.
The measure of any art is the ability to apply it against another system of combat. Thus Wing Chun is comparable to any other form of Martial Art.
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